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    Shanghai Ruiqi Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. Ruiqi is a professional technology company in Shanghai, China, supplying non-ferrous metal ingot equipment since 1999. Main products includes non-ferrous (zinc, lead, aluminum, magnesium)ingot casting and stacking equipment, also can provide turnkey job for aluminum melting and holding furnace, dust collector system, aluminum dross process equipment, etc.


    Weve sold more than 400 sets equipments in domestic market and about 50 sets in overseas market. In China, most well-know enterprises choose our equipment, such as CHINALCO, LONGDAL, LIZHONG GROUP, YUASA, LEOCH, TIANNENG, etc. In overseas market, we provide equipment to many BIR golden members, such as SHARIF METALS, CENTURY METAL RECYCLING, METENERE LIMITED etc.


    We committed to provide leading technology, equipments and service, this is why the well-know enterprises choose us. It is just begining that you buy one machine from sombody, during installation commissioning and machince whole life, we are always waiting for you if you need any support.