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    aluminum ingot stacking machine / stacker

    Aluminum Ingot stacking machine  applys gantry mechanism and uses the program control in the whole process,each unit is independent and mutual coupling , the design is novel, Its function is well-found. The movement and rotary of the clamp adopts servo drive which was more active and stable than normal stepping system.

    Process introduction:  After aluminum ingot release from the caster, it fall on the ingot-conveyor and transferred to the stacking position. Then the stacker will palletized the ingot into bundle as required shape, the clamp can 360° rotary. Finally, the bundle transferred by the bundle conveyor and move out by forklift.

    For the optional part, flipping mechanism & water cooling can choosen on the ingot conveyor part; online weighing, online printing, online pakcing & strapping can choosen on the bundle conveyor part.


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