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    aluminum ingot casting machine/ caster/conveyor

    Aluminum ingot caster (conveyor) apply to automatically produce various grade aluminum ingot and can meet the requirement of 24 hours continued work.

    Producing process resume:

    After the aluminum alloy liquid flows into the distributor of the ingot casting machine, it is injected by the distributor into the aluminum ingot mould of the chain type of the ingot casting machine, and cools the mould by the immersion water cooling water. The aluminum cannot be knocked out by the knockout set until the aluminum ingot which is water cooled indirectly is formed by fully cooling.

    Technical parameter

    Stacking capacity

    350 times/h

    Lifting capacity

    100 kg/times

    Stacking height

    1050 mm (adjustable)

    axis rotation angle


    Ingot-conveyor speed


    Bundle conveyor speed


    Total power


    Drive system

    Servo system