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    movable type lead ingot casting and stacking machine/ CONVEYOR/ CASTER/ STACKER

    Original design to install the caster & stacker on one movalbe frame, which can using only one equipment to meet many furnace producing requirement and reduce customer's equipment cost. Advantages as bellow:

    * high automatic level: automatic metal liquid distributor, stepless speed reulation, servo system automatic stacking, low labour intensity

    * excellent ingot quality: patented designed mold, distributor, deburring system and automatic cooling system, ensure the high release rate & good surface quality & uniform weight.

    * stable operation: casting machine no shake and stable oeration can ensure the ingot surface no ripple and uniform weight. Servo system drive stacking machine also have stable operation.

    * R & D strength: orignial design lead liquid pump flowrate quantitative control system, apply to various refining kettle with different liquid outlet height and can improve lead ingot weight uniform.

    Also can manufacture fixed type caster & stacker according to customer's requirement.