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    zinc ingot stacking machine / stacker

    Special design stacking control system which can using gantry type stakcing machine to achieve zinc

    aluminum ingot stacking machine / stacker

    Aluminum Ingot stacking machine  applys gantry mechanism and uses the program control in the wh

    magnesium ingot stacking machine

    Can stacking different bundle shape such as square bundle and rectangular bundle as customer require

    zinc ingot casting machine/ CONVEYOR/ CASTER

    can meet the continous producing requirement of various type zinc ingot.Can customized the mold acco

    movable type lead ingot casting and stacking machine/ CONVEYOR/ CASTER/ STACKER

    Original design to install the caster & stacker on one movalbe frame, which can using only one e

    aluminum ingot casting machine/ caster/conveyor

    Aluminum ingot caster (conveyor) apply to automatically produce various grade aluminum ingot and can